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Exclusive Cement Tiles

Around 1900 cement tiles were a very popular way of improving the appearance of public buildings and large town houses. In this period hand-made patterned encaustic Belgian tiles with intricate motifs were exported all over the world.

At David & Goliath we still offer an exclusive collection of timeless cement tiles. Some of our designs are based on traditional floors, while others are entirely contemporary creations.
Our collection ranges from exquisite belle-époque motifs and colourful vintage tiles, through the taut simplicity of art-deco to timeless classic patterns or designer tiles created by contemporary artists. 

Timeless Cement Tiles

David & Goliath cement tiles are still made entirely by hand and are of an extremely high quality, which makes them very easy to maintain.  

David & Goliath cement tiles are guaranteed child labour free.

We supply tiles from our own stock and the required maintenance products to every corner of Europe. Cement tiles can also be custom-made to your specifications.
Ask us for a sample, so you can see the quality of David and Goliath cement tiles for yourself, or design your floor on our floor builder.

Visit our showroom in Ghent, Belgium.