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Biƫnnale Interieur 2014 - Kortrijk - Belgium

Vistit us at Biënnale Interieur 2014 - Kortrijk - Belgium
17-26 october


David&Goliath tiles by Robin Vermeersch

David & Goliath Authentic Interiors specialises in custom-made wall and floor tiles.
These tiles are manufactured in small craft workshops that guarantee the best in fine finishes.

For Interieur 2014, artist Robin Vermeersch has developed a collection of cement floor tiles and
matching glazed wall tiles in conjunction with David & Goliath.

These high-quality tiles are manufactured on a small scale by David & Goliath at the request of customers.

Interieur 2014
Robin Vermeersch – Le labo des héritiers – Grand Hornu Images – courtesy Valerie Traan gallery and the artist.